Project Joy, Inc.


iFoster/TAY AmeriCorps (outreach and linkage to resources for over 100 foster youth in 2019). Training site for Peer Specialist. Awarded Best New Program for AmeriCorp. 

Social Justice and Youth Leadership program 








2020 cohort of youth ages 16-24 with a focus on education and empowerment. Youth leaders will develop their own social mission and program launch with seed funding provided by sponsors.

Why we need to Empower our Youth

 Families in Transition 

We bridge the gap between knowing and doing at our work-based learning site. Transitional age youth (ages 18-24) receive hands-on training using work-based projects with key focus areas being general office administration, event planning, and social media management. Many of our job program participants are transitioning out of homelessness, foster care, or justice system involvement. Youth benefit from our unique model which provides career mentorship, marketable job skills, and certifications that employers value and improves their overall workplace attributes and success.                   

Young Learners for Life



We provide college scholarships for resilient youth who have overcome extreme odds to graduate from high school and enter college.



We partner with Lockheed Martin where we engage youth through personal interaction and career exposure to industry leaders. Events include TAY Career Day and Lunch with Lockheed employees