Project Joy, Inc.

Kim Watson, Founder is a certified Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocate, has a national credential of Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) from the most reputable National Career Development Association.


She also holds a Global Career Development Facilitator credential from CCE as an Instructor, for the foundational course Facilitating Career Development. This allows those entering or working in their profession to validate their skills and qualify for professional credentials. 


Kim has a passion for teaching, mentoring, and designing innovative programs. Her ultimate goal is guiding others to thrive in a career and life full of joy. 


Kim is a co-host in a weekly podcast where she shares tips and strategies to support career growth. Please click below for a snippet of her most recent episode.


For course information please contact Kim at 661-402-1344 and follow us:

FB, IG \projectjoyusa