Project Joy, Inc.

Mission Statement:

Project Joy’s mission is to provide jobs and opportunities for the most vulnerable in the Antelope Valley. Our vision is to break the cycle of generational poverty and the effects of systemic injustices by empowering, educating, and encouraging the youth and families in our community. 


Impact Statement:

Project Joy impacts annually over 2,400 youth and individuals who are vulnerable or currently experiencing homelessness. We are leaders in creating and executing large education and outreach events, where we coordinate the collaborative efforts of several agencies, sponsors, and donors.


Project Joy has a strong and growing daily social media presence which is part of the duties of our work-based learning project for transitional age youth. We are well versed in hosting virtual events and interactive workshops on topics that are meaningful to youth. We currently reach over 400 youth and individuals per month via social media.


Our employment program serves survivors of domestic violence at the local domestic violence emergency shelter with job readiness training and skill development. We provide linkage to employment opportunities and programs to assist with their immediate need for income. Once in transitional housing, we continue to work with survivors to build their career pathway, which often includes a focus on higher education and vocational training. We serve on average 70 survivors per year that are homeless due to domestic violence and many are also transitional age youth, ages 18-25.







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Thank you for your continued support.