S.O.S. Spotlight on Service

This is where we SPOTLIGHT those who answered our S.O.S. cry for help by providing top notch service!!

Let me introduce you to our 1st honoree, drum roll please…Khushy!

She spent countless hours using her creative talents and technical skills to turn my wimpy starter webpage into the amazing full featured product you see today.

In addition she was ultra-professional, very patient and great at explaining various options. She also taught me how to Skype!

Thank you so much Khushy for volunteering your talents to help Project Joy, Inc. We will never forget your kindness.

Please see her Bio below and contact her if you could use her services. She is wonderful!

“I’m a web and graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. I believe in thinking big and finding innovative ways to express my ideas. My two passions are digital design and helping those in need, so I love taking any opportunity to bring the two worlds together. I’m always open for freelance and collaboration, and you can check out more of my work on my website: http://khushys.com/