Message for Uganda!

Saturday 7/11/15 eight children ages 4 to 11 showed up dressed for school, ready and eager. But wait it’s a Saturday AND it’s summer.

They were present in a make shift school house to send a very special video message to their peers, on the other side of the world, whom they have never met, all the way in Uganda.

The message is simple yet potentially life saving. Wash your hands with soap. They quickly embraced their role as Jr Health Ambassadors and in a gleeful way, as only children can do, they shared this life impacting message thru a fun rhyming song, demonstrations, playground hand games and lastly by taking a hand washing pledge.

It was a morning filled with joy and laughter. “Don’t forget the soap!” as cheerfully stated by our four year old ambassador.

We believe your message will be heard loud and clear, bringing plenty of smiles to your peers in Uganda. Great job! Keep spreading joy!

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